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Outland - Kiernan Kelly My overall feelings while reading Outland, and my feelings afterward, were mixed emotions of Fired Up! as well as outrage and sadness that the events of this story can and still do happen in small town America, along with wanting another epsiode next week.The characters of the main couple Hank and Beaver are wonderful in their care and love for each other, and their sex life is pretty damn hot. I got wrapped up in Hank & Beavers lives and therefore their friends, Fargo, Skeeter, Jethro (Miss Amanda Allure), and Ashley even. I actually know someone like Fargo with that nervous twitch of excitement where his hands always seem to be touching his private parts. I think Kiernan did a wonderful job bringing to life all of these characters with love and humor in a setting rife with hate crimes, betrayal, murder and lust. I knew by the front cover, a peacock nailed to a sign, that this story wouldn't be a light weight love story where boy meets boy, boy chases boy, and boys end up in a HEA. Kiernan writes with compassion and endearing characters that brings home to our own backyards what needs to stop now in today's society and to bring to the forefront a no-tolerance policy for bullying and hate crimes.And yes, I sometimes have a habit of coming upon a phrase in a book - and thinking OMG! that's perfect or in Kiernan's case, I wonder a lot where in the heck she gets these sayings? Do people really talk like this? The answer is yes. And most of them are my relatives.My favorite phrase, happened early on in the book: "...jokes that bubbled up like farts from a bulldog's ass..."