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MOONING THE SUNS: 3 Short Novels of Male-Male Romance
Kiernan Kelly
What She Wants, a Roughstock Menage - B.A. Tortuga Overall I enjoyed this story - some of the scenes are worth noting and taking notes! The fantasy of two male lovers is just lovely. There were lots of different conflicts and resolutions and quite a lot of sex. I probably would have given it a total of 5 stars - except there was a lot of sex...don't get me wrong - it was all great sex....but it almost became a distraction. Still loved it.and as usual for me - I've picked up a book that is part of a world called Roughstock - and all these delicious cowboys. Going to explore another series!!!
Fever For Three - Julia Talbot I enjoyed this story - one thing about Julia's writing - I can always visualize the action. This was a fun though short story - there were a number of places where the story could have been expanded but this was still a fun read and fit the bill quite nicely!
Still - Mary Calmes Really - I didn't get this just because my good friend Patty picked it up!!!! Haha. (Of course I did) just lovely. Couldn't put it down until I was done reading.
Escape Velocity - Anah Crow,  Dianne Fox,  Charles Carr purchased via audible....and currently listenning to it and enjoying it but wasn't aware it was previously published. Trying not to read reviews just yet...
Escape Velocity - Anah Crow,  Dianne Fox,  Charles Carr purchased via audible....and currently listenning to it and enjoying it but wasn't aware it was previously published. Trying not to read reviews just yet...
What Binds Us - Larry  Benjamin Listenned to audio version - and this story had the most moving vows.....and I didn't realize I hadn't finished the entire book. Loved the story - plenty of romance, love, anger, indulgence, do the rich really live like this? - and heartbreak. Note to self: your out of kleenex in the car.
Soulless - Gail Carriger, Gail Carriger now I'm getting book recs from my 24 year old daughter .... ok honestly this has been happening for awhile - but I can't believe she found this set of books before me!
A Game of Thrones (A Song of Ice and Fire #1) - George R.R. Martin actually - own the ebook set - started to read and then got caught up on the TV show.....
Deadly Wrong - Victor J. Banis Typically, I didn't start with the first book and I didnt have to either to enjoy this book. Enjoyed it so well that I do want to read the rest of the series......looks like there are 5, right?
Match Maker Match Maker - Alan Chin Match Maker was the perfect book to read this past week! Cold front came through, curled up with soft blanket and cup of cocoa and Baileys! I stayed up late reading, woke up early before work to read some more. The story pulled me in, and I felt like I was in the midst of family drama. I don't play sports, but watching men play! yummy right? I'm not a world traveler either - I didn't need to be to enjoy this book. Very enjoyable read.
The Pharaoh's Concubine - Z.A. Maxfield made me cry for Yves. sweetest love letter ever written. do we ever really find out by Patrick? or he is a total prat?
Black Heart Down - S.J. Frost loved the story though believe it or not sometimes I skimmed the sex scenes. sometimes. I was more interested in the story. The phone sex was hot, and it sounds like i might have have missed a prior book with Jesse and Evan!
For Love of War - Kiernan Kelly Total Fantasy fun with Gods, demi-gods, and Mount Olympus.
Mahu Vice - Neil Plakcy I did like this story of Kimo - and I will look for the other Kimo stories, but sometimes Kimo rambles on and I wasn't always sure what the rambles had to do with the story - except for us to be in Kimo's mind. Which is sort of the point anyway, as he goes through live changing events.And my epub copy of the story failed to recognize any of the Hawaiian dialects, so some of the words had multiple question marks - which was a distraction more than anything.
The Lion of Kent - Aleksandr Voinov,  Kate Cotoner Finally. Bought this book like years ago.....OK - just a couple of weeks - on Carina Press and I didn't notice that it wasn't exactly available until today. so, yeah me!, it's here.
Downtime - Tamara Allen I picked this up awhile ago, and at first couldn't get into it .... but I came back to it last week, and was quickly involved - didn't want to put it down. I wasn't all that excited about sinking into Jack the Ripper mystery - but I adored the relationship between Morgan and Ezra. I did enjoy Whistling in the Dark by Tamara Allen as well, so I don't know why I was at first reluctant to read, but Downtime is a keeper!