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MOONING THE SUNS: 3 Short Novels of Male-Male Romance
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Talk Story: Three Tales of Hawai'i - Paul G. Bens Jr. There are numerous treasures to be found in Talk Story, but my favorite forever will be Me ka Hau‘oli Makahiki Hou. This is a "you must read" now - very touching and loving story of two best friends, Ka‘eo and Kilo, and unrequited love. Dialog was perfect! (well - believable for me anyway - as I'm not a teen or young person - but it sounded perfect) Ka Heleui Hope is a short also about Ka‘eo and Kilo, but told from Ka‘eo's point of view and is both hilarious and sweet at the same time.Mahape a ale Walaʻau - now I read this about two years ago, and enjoyed rereading recently with this new publication under Smashwords. I like how the beginning of the story the main character tells us this isn't written for titillation, but hoping the man in the story remembers and doing so - "keeping each other deep within our hearts". You might read this and think of Happy For Now - but Wow! Toshi has a great vacation when he meets Kristopher. Memory making at it's finest - doesnt' matter if I want a Happy Ever After for Toshi and Kristopher.Kili’s Tour of the Islands makes me want to go to Hawaii now and take this as my travel guide.And don't miss the great excerpt from Kelland.