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Kelland - Paul G. Bens Jr. KellandAuthor: Paul G. Bens Jr. Publisher: Casperian Books Publication Date: September 1, 2009I was told this was a "dark" novel. Even the blurb and press releases hint at horror. This was not the typical horror type, in terms of your classic Halloween or scary monster horror story, but the horror contained in the darker aspects of humanity and truly horrific events in terms of loss of child innocence, abuse and relationships between family members, friends, neighbors, religious community.I couldn't help but think of it in terms of a seventh-degree of Kelland domino effect. At first I was wondering why Paul G. Bens Jr wrote Kelland in the format of jumping from character-place-time-event from one chapter to another. I also was wondering if I was going to have to take notes for the cast of characters. (Which is something I haven't done in a long time - though I am known to highlight favorite passages for future reference). Turns out, I couldn't really imagine the format written any other way. I was soon enveloped in the world of Toan and his brother Minh, angelic George (wait were we ever so very innocent and loving?), the "lipstick Lesbian" Tracey, Lucas, and Melanie and Gareth. Paul adds so much realism to the story and brings the characters to life with the Vietnamese family, dialogue and interactions, Ma & Ba, Toan's singing, guitar playing, song composing, the pomp and pageantry of the Catholic Mass, and the gremlins that potentially hide beneath the most innocent of exteriors. The cover art at first had no real meaning for me, and I didn't really "see", but if you read Kelland and truly look at the cover - you will be bowled over the enormity of the art and the story. I am not sure I have been as moved by either a story or the cover art as I was by Kelland. I didn't laugh out loud or cry so much as I "pondered" - if that makes sense. Don't get me wrong, I was terribly moved with joy and sorrow throughout the book.This book is one I would love to have in a group discussion or a book club to get other readers opinions and discuss ramifications in current events of today often over-looked and passed over, deemed not important. How can a life-altering experience not be important?So, yes, this was not one of my typical light hearted romance erotica, sci-fi, paranormal novels - but a full bodied mystery of human relations and the divineness that can be found in all of us. And Kelland? Make your own decision, but read Kelland.